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Life in the Fast Lane: Finale - Desperate Housewives RPF
Life in the Fast Lane: Finale
Title: Life in the Fast Lane
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairings: Marcia Cross/Felicity Huffman
Chapter: Finale
Rating: NC18
Disclaimer: A Flickacross aside to the Hush, Little Baby fic - for all of those who were appalled that Felicity didn't "get some". The lyrics to "Life in the Fast Lane" belong to the Eagles.

Felicity Huffman thought she was going to lose her mind. Her wet fingers lay limply against the upholstered seat, twitching with impatience as she watched Marcia warily. With an auditable groan, she heaved herself up from the seat and opened the door violently. As she stood up on the graveled floor, Felicity’s undone dress fell around her waist and with a growl she shoved it down and kicked it away from her to lie in a fluttered pile of silk and crinoline. Her body shook with the torment of being brought to the edge twice this night without the freedom of release, beads of perspiration glistened in her cleavage in the low light as she stood with one hand on the door and her hip cocked dangerously.

“Marcia…” she growled, her eyes narrowing. “You are being an impossible tease.”

Marcia had watched Felicity’s exit from the car with amusement. Having climbed onto the hood of her car, careful not to dent the metal with her spiked heels, she’d splayed herself across the warmth of it languidly. Turning onto her belly with her legs crossing at the ankles in mid-air, she twirled a finger into her hair with faux innocence. Sinking her teeth into her bottom lip, her Bambi-eyes batted themselves coyly at her exasperated lover.

“Oh sweetheart…I’m sorry. Are you angry with me?” Marcia watched the blonde closely, silently counting down from ten.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Felicity held Marcia’s demure stare with a fiery one of her own. “Don’t insult me lover. There is a reason it’s called “women’s intuition” and I am lacking a penis. I know what you’re trying to do.”

“What am I trying to do?” Marcia tilted her head and her amber tresses swept against the cooling hood of her car. Goosebumps scattered themselves across her ivory flesh as the wind licked at her. The music was faint in the background but the words carried themselves out into the night.

She said, "Listen, baby. You can hear the engine
ring. We've been up and down this highway;
haven't seen a goddam thing."
He said, "Call the doctor. I think I'm gonna crash."
"The doctor say he's comin', but you gotta pay him cash."

Running her hands through her hair, Felicity hissed through her teeth and slowly sauntered to the front of the car. The moment Marcia made to move to watch her, Felicity pounced and climbed onto the car, slamming her body into Marcia’s and pinning her to the car. Curling her hand in Marcia’s hair, Felicity kept the redhead’s cheek pressed to the metal and lowered her mouth to Marcia’s ear.

“You’re trying to anger me. You like it when I get rough with you.” Felicity thrust her leg between both of Marcia’s and forced her knee against the vixen’s cunt, roughly grinding bone to flesh. Marcia whimpered and Felicity laughed softly. “All you need to do is ask, love, this drawn out game is unnecessary.”

Marcia was breathless and gasping against the car, Felicity’s weight molding metal to flesh and her hips moved on their own accord, grinding down against the blonde’s knee. “You know I like the game.”

Hoisting herself up to kneel on the car, Felicity’s fist in Marcia’s hair guided the redhead into a mimicked position, facing away from her. Reaching up from behind, Felicity pulled Marcia’s lacey lingerie aside and roughly shoved her fingers into her coworker’s cunt. Marcia cried out and would have fallen forward were it not for Felicity’s iron grip in her hair; the muscles in the blonde’s arms tensing with the effort as she began to finger fuck her friend.

Crying out, on the cusp of pleasure becoming pain, Marcia’s nails left deep half moons as they dug into Felicity’s hips. Leaning back against her lover, the redhead turned her face and pressed her mouth to Felicity’s throat leaving a trail of desperate kisses until she was finally rewarded with her lover’s mouth. The two teetered there like two puzzle pieces awkwardly fitting together; lips, fingers and flesh writhing wetly against each other.

The glaring headlights on the car cast pale yellow against the gravel and illuminated the women as Felicity slid off the car and dragged Marcia with her. A graceless dance across the gravel full of grasping limbs and hungry mouths led them to a picnic table that had seen better days. Felicity dipped, grabbing Marcia and lifting her onto the tabletop, pulling her legs around the blonde’s waist as their mouths continued to devour each other. Their passion seemed treacherously close to setting the old wood aflame as nails marked flesh and spiked heels dug into the back tender thighs.

Being the stronger of the two, Felicity could have snapped Marcia’s tiny form in two; instead, she hauled the petite woman closer to the middle of the table and crawled up after her. Biting and licking her way up her lover’s body, Felicity tore at the fabric coming between her and Marcia’s skin. The lace soared through the air and landed in a crumpled leap on the rocks. Marcia’s bare body gleamed in the headlights and Felicity knelt over top of her triumphantly.

“I would venture a guess as to who’s winning this game, darling.” The blonde’s eyes flickered with hunger and amusement.

“Ahh, but sweetheart, is this not where I wanted you to go all along?” Marcia grinned at her passionate coworker and reached up to curl a finger in Felicity’s bra, yanking the woman down on top of her as her long legs encircled the blonde’s hips.

They went rushin' down that freeway,
messed around and got lost
They didn't care they were just dyin' to get off
And it was life in the fast lane

Shaking her head, Felicity grinned at the victor beneath her and bruised Marcia’s mouth in a fierce kiss, biting down hard enough to leave teeth marks. Then pulling back, Felicity swung herself around fluidly leaving her cunt above the redhead’s panting mouth just as she dragged her tongue along Marcia’s. With a gasp, Marcia yanked at Felicity’s underwear and pulled it away, freeing her to lap greedily at the wetness between milky thighs.

The picnic table creaked beneath the writhing, thrashing duo of hips and mouths; shaking thighs and quivering bellies as they unraveled. The din of the freeway a background soundtrack to their cries of ecstasy as the women drove themselves toward the inevitability of their spotlighted release.

Life in the fast lane

Phew. I have to say, I wrote this part sitting with my girlfriend in a Jazz Cafe on Howard Park sipping a "Lovers Latte" and though it is the coldest, most bitter day we've had in weeks...I was sweating. *winks*

I was quite happy to come back to my dear ole Flickacross. I hope you all enjoyed the read. :D

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Ok so I have read all that has been posted in this community and i must say by far this fic is totally HOT... bravo!!! i never read a real person fic of the to ladies before but i tried it anyway. WOW may i say WOW
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