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Playing Pretend: Finale - Desperate Housewives RPF
Playing Pretend: Finale
Title: Playing Pretend
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairings: Felicity Huffman/Doug Savant
Chapter: Finale
Rating: NC18
Warning: A very descriptive anal sex scene, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)
Disclaimer: Doug and Felicity meet again in the silence of a darkened studio to play pretend in the Scavo kitchen.....and end up in the living room?!...and elsewhere?!

Washing down the guilt she felt with gulps of her red wine, Felicity was starting to feel the exact sensation of gaining “liquid courage” as the alcohol buzzed through her veins. While talking, Felicity made sure to laugh at all the right spots; smile just there and there, acting coy at all the right times; she made sure to teasingly flick her fingers off of Doug’s chest, bat her lashes and flirt mercilessly. In the back of her mind, Felicity wasn’t sure why she was doing the mating dance considering the scratch marks on the coffee table betrayed the fact that they had already reached far beyond that stage.

Merlot on her breath, Felicity leaned down to get her purse; digging around inside, she produced a threatening looking strap-on and dropped it in Doug lap with a whispered plea; “Bill never lets me.”

Looking down at the faux cock in his lap, Doug Savant felt a flutter of apprehension but shadowing that was the distinct taste of curiosity and desire. This was certainly wasn’t anything his wife, Laura, would ever consider and looking up at Felicity, Doug saw that she not only considered it, she was begging for it.

“I find it extremely hot.” Felicity whispered as if she were giving an excuse, biting her lip in the same moment.

Doug swallowed slowly but felt himself easily pulled in by the expectant look on Felicity’s face. It was hard to say no to an irresistible woman and that aside, looking down at the strap-on, Doug felt his own cock twitch unexpectedly. Raising his brows and blinking, he nodded and handed the strap-on back to Felicity. Her naughty grin was thanks enough as she grabbed his hand and hauled him to his feet.

“Come on. I have an idea.” Spinning around the living room, Felicity made way for the stairs that lead…nowhere. With a laugh, she remembered they were on a television set and not in a real home. “Let’s go back to my trailer.”

Running down around the back of the studio like teenagers who’d climbed out of their window in the middle of the night to smoke drugs in a dark alleyway, Doug and Felicity whooped and giggled all the way there. Crashing into Felicity’s trailer, they could barely keep their hands off each other. Doug tore at Felicity’s clothes, tossing the dress over his shoulder as he ravaged her mouth with his own.

Pulling at Doug’s belt and shoving his pants down, Felicity moaned loudly into his mouth as she caught his cock in her hand and felt heat radiating desire into her palms. Pushing him away from her, she ran into the bathroom and stripped out of her underwear, turning on the shower and climbing in. Doug leaned against the doorframe and laughed as he saw her splashing naked under the jet stream. With a devilish grin, her arm snatched out and grabbed the strap-on; her eyes held his intensely as she slipped into the harness and curled a finger at him.

Taking a deep breath, Doug pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out of the rest of his clothes. Sliding the door back, Doug stared as Felicity started stroking the strap-on; he was vaguely fascinated by the technique she used and the firm grip she had on her phallus. Moving his vision slowly upward, he watched the water run down her silken flesh as if it were in slow motion; the way it smoothed over her breasts and dripped off her nipples. His cock throbbed. Finally her mouth; lips slightly parted as her tongue darted out to lick at the water on them.

With a groan, Doug stepped quickly into the shower and pulled Felicity into his arms. He had been briefly distracted by the way her mouth fit on his but the hard protrusion between her legs quickly took away from that and he pulled away to stare down at it once more. “Suck it.” Felicity’s voice vibrated through his mind and his eyes snapped up to meet hers with a frown. “Please?” She pouted so prettily; he hated how wrapped around her finger he was. He was cursing the day he met her as he sank to his knees and wrapped his mouth around the strap-on. Looking up at the womanly form above him, he could barely register the masculinity of what was in his mouth.

Felicity looked down at Doug with her faux cock in his mouth and felt her desire flare to a dull pulse between her thighs. Appreciating the way water fell on Doug and careened down his face to crash on his heaving chest, she moved to stroke his cock with her foot as she guided the strap-on in and out of his mouth, lubricating it with his own saliva. Listening as he moaned and humped at her foot, Felicity pulled out of his mouth and reached down to grab his hand, quickly pulling him to his feet.

“Turn around.” She was breathless with want, as if the member attached to her hips had actual nerve endings that had been tantalized by Doug’s mouth and tongue. Doing as he was told, Doug turned and leaned into the stream of water forcing his head behind it and arching his back as the hot water poured onto it. Purring, Felicity stepped up with her cock in hand and stroked Doug’s back comfortingly; then without warning she shoved the head into Doug’s virgin ass and thrust forward.

The pain seared through him and running a close second, the pleasure tried to keep up; Doug tossed back his head, his scream drowned by a mouthful of water. Choking on the liquid, he sputtered and leaned his forehead against the tiled wall. Felicity patted his hip understandingly but continued to drive forward, grunting into her thrusts and reaching down between the two bodies to stroke Doug’s cock at the same time.

“Oh my g…jesus Felicity.” Doug groaned and was surprised to find himself thrusting back onto the strap-on, the pain having ebbed with the flow of the pleasure and Felicity’s hand on his cock only spurred the pleasure on faster. It was determined to win the race.

Felicity flicked the button beneath the strap-on to turn on the vibrator and grinned as Doug squeaked in protest before leaning harder into her hips and letting out a feral groan. Felicity rutted harder into his ass, grinding her clit onto the vibrating phallus and riding him to her orgasm. Crying out, Felicity involuntarily dug her nails into Doug’s back and dragged downwards leaving bloodied marks in her passion’s wake.

Unable to hold himself in check anymore, Felicity’s orgasm setting the domino effect on his own; he felt his ardor spill itself onto the tiles and watched as it was washed away. He gasped sharply as Felicity pulled out and his ass burned with its emptiness. Leaning against the wall, he fought to catch his breath and looked over at his blonde co-star ashamedly.

Seeing the look on Doug’s face, Felicity stepped out of the strap-on and left it on the floor as she stepped into the warm waterfall and pulled him close. Kissing his neck tenderly, she whispered in his ear; “Thank you for your selflessness.”

In another world, some other time, Doug Savant could have seen himself married to Felicity Huffman and in that world, at that time, he could picture happily ever after. But this was today, it was now and all they were only playing pretend.

Torn between worlds, Felicity struggled with her guilt and shame; as the water coursed over her languid form, she luxuriated in the imaginary. It was only later, when the last traces of Doug had been scrubbed from her flesh, that she emotionally flagellated herself. Her shame was a heavy hair shirt she wore that night as she spooned with her remorse and allowed the tears to wipe her slate clean; vowing once and for all to stop playing pretend.

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