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Desperate Housewives RPF

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The catfights, the rumours, the general touchy-feely-ness that the gals of Desperate Housewives radiate... you knew it was coming. Welcome to the LJ community for DH RPF - real person fanfiction.

1. All ratings are accepted - however, please cut-tag anything that's not safe for work. Fic longer than, oh, two hundred words should also be cut as a courtesy.
2. Pictures, fanart, icons, and on-topic discussions are welcome in addition to fic; please put all pictures behind a cut as well.
3. This is not an episode discussion community.
4. This community accepts all RPF pairings, be they femslash, slash, or het! Gen fic (fic without a pairing - friendship fic, for example) is also welcome.
5. All posts in this community are locked by default.
6. Be nice.
7. Remember that this is fiction.
8. A constantly-updated resource post can be found here. Questions can be posted here as well.

All fics will be archived in the memories - so it makes it a lot easier if you include a header, like the following, with all your fic:


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