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Life in the Fast Lane - Desperate Housewives RPF
Life in the Fast Lane
Title: Life in the Fast Lane
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairings: Marcia Cross/Felicity Huffman
Chapter: Part I
Rating: NC17 (I'm never sure how to rate these)
Disclaimer: A Flickacross aside to the Hush, Little Baby fic - for all of those who were appalled that Felicity didn't "get some".

Having tucked Eva into bed, Marcia Cross slid into the front seat of her car, turned on the radio and drove off. With a grin, she remembered the time she’d ridden in the passenger seat of a race car – how exhilarating it had felt to drive those speeds with no fear of repercussions. Fame was a curious stranger, having wrapped itself around her briefly during her Melrose Place years, it clung to her now like a desperate lover. Bringing with it experiences she never would have otherwise had and with a soft laugh, Marcia realized that Felicity Huffman was one of those.

Her heeled foot pressed down on the gas as she sped down an empty street, feeling a thrill dance up her spine as she broke the speed limit for a few brief moments before coming to a controlled halt at the red light. Laughing at herself, she ran her hand through her hair and flipped through the radio stations until she’d found something with a raw, hungry beat.

Turning into Felicity’s driveway, Marcia left the car running, tossed her sunglasses into the backseat and sauntered up to the front door. It opened even before she knocked and Felicity winked at her, the polka dotted dress hugging her every curve. William H. Macy stood behind his wife with a glass of scotch in his hand and a look of pure amusement on his face. Stepping up to stand in the threshold, Marcia smiled as Felicity moved behind Bill to get her coat and he moved closer to Marcia.

“Bring her back in one piece.” Bill laughed as he sipped his scotch and eyed Marcia over the rim.

“Of course Bill.” Marcia leaned into the man, pressing her palms against his chest and brushing a gentle kiss against his five o’clock shadow, murmuring in his ear. “I promise.” Patting his chest, she pulled back and grabbed Felicity’s hand.

“Night, honey.” Felicity lingered a moment, fingers intertwined with Marcia’s, to kiss her husband. The two so familiar with each other their lips seemed to meld together with their love.

“Goodnight love.” Bill watched the girls disappear around the corner of the garage before closing the door on them; shaking his head with a quiet chuckle.

Marcia and Felicity’s heels clicked jubilantly down the drive as they scampered into the car, giggling like naughty schoolgirls. Pushing down the emergency brake, Marcia slid down into the street and turned towards the night.

“Where are we going?” Felicity’s seatbelt clicked into place as she settled in her seat, flattening the invisible creases of her dress around her thighs and pulling her coat tighter around her torso.

“I don’t know.” Laughed Marcia. “Let’s just drive, it’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed driving and the roads are practically empty.”

The Californian traffic kept up with Marcia as she sped along the freeway, the humid breeze forcing its way in through the windows to play with her hair. Reaching over, she grabbed Felicity’s hand and squeezed venturing a look the blonde’s way. Felicity squeezed back with a tender smile as she watched the city fly by them in a blur of street lamps and brake lights.

Leaning back against the head rest, Felicity’s thumb stroked Marcia’s skin as she closed her eyes and relaxed; it had been such a long day on the set, she was eager to enjoy the evening and her lover’s company. Glancing over at her coworker, Marcia smiled to see the woman enjoying the ride; holding tightly, Marcia moved their intertwined hands to Felicity’s thigh before letting go. Felicity’s eyes opened in question as Marcia began pulling at the polka dotted silk, dragging it up Felicity’s thighs to gather around her waist.

“Marcia…wha-?” Felicity started but was hushed by Marcia’s gaze and the certainty with which Marcia deftly pressed her fingers against Felicity’s lingerie.

Keeping her eyes on the road, Marcia focused on stroking Felicity’s cunt through the fabric of her underwear. She grinned with satisfaction as the blonde’s fingers curled around the seat she sat in as if for support. “Darling, would you mind putting your right foot up on the dash?”

Felicity shook her head at the audacity of her lover but complied out of pure anticipation of what was in store for her. It always excited her when Marcia took control because it was such a rare occurrence; but now that she’d be given Bill’s permission and the girls had taken to seeing each other on a semi-regular basis, Marcia was coming out of her shell – so to speak.

With one foot on the dash and the other moved to the far left, Felicity’s legs were spread wide. She felt like a dirty whore sitting there splayed like that with her skirt up around her waist and she vaguely wondered if she should joke about how much this was going to cost Marcia. She’d barely opened her mouth to do just that when Marcia’s fingers pulled back the fabric covering her cunt and pressed against her clit. With a sharp gasp, Felicity’s head snapped back and her body tensed. Even since she’d been toyed with in Marcia’s trailer, Felicity had been on edge. When she’d gone home, Bill had noticed and teased her about it taking the time to rile her up even more against the kitchen sink. Felicity wasn’t sure how she’d managed to surround herself with such sexual sadists.

Marcia’s eyes narrowed and her speed slowed as she turned off the freeway and into a truck stop. The truck stop was occupied by a germ infested port-o-potty, a broken and rusted drinking fountain and a pathetic looking lean-to. There was no one in sight and the one lonely street lamp did very little to light up the surrounding area. Keeping her fingers firmly pressed and rubbing against Felicity’s clit, Marcia made sure it was indeed empty before she turned off the engine and turned to her lover.

...To Be Continued...

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