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Playing Pretend: Part II - Desperate Housewives RPF
Playing Pretend: Part II
Title: Playing Pretend
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairings: Felicity Huffman/Doug Savant
Chapter: Part II
Rating: NC18
Disclaimer: Doug and Felicity meet again in the silence of a darkened studio to play pretend in the Scavo kitchen.....and end up in the living room?!

Doug Savant watched in awe as his coworker and on screen wife crawled onto the coffee table and looked back at him expectantly over her shoulder. His wife, Laura Leighton, would never have done anything so crass and lewd. It was the reason he adored Felicity; she was spontaneous and combustible. You never knew what you were getting with Felicity Huffman; a proper lady one moment and a hungry whore the next.

“C’mon Tom! The kids are only at the babysitter’s for another hour.” Felicity’s features had once again morphed into Lynette’s though Doug could see Felicity beneath that façade and the desperation on her face pleaded with him to play along.

“Yeah…Lynette…okay.” Doug, as Tom Scavo, fumbled with his pants and soon found them around his ankles. He felt a bit ridiculous standing in the Scavo living room until Felicity hissed at him and deliberately yanked her underwear down; the view he was offered made him instantly hard. “Jesus Lynette.”

Felicity’s eyes sparkled, she had him now, closing her eyes and gripping the coffee table her voice was husky and demanding; “Fuck me Tom.” Crying out and tossing her head back as she felt Doug slide into her forcefully, she shoved back and embedded herself deeply on his rigid phallus. A lusty groan escaped her parted lips as she met his thrusts and spread her thighs wider trying to balance on the flimsy coffee table prop.

His cock slid deep into Felicity as Doug propelled himself forward with careful force; their stance was precarious and the table shook with each thrust. Holding tight to Felicity’s hips, Doug watched her spine arch as she swallowed him within her and grinned at the feral toss of her flaxen curls. She was a beast and William Macy was a lucky man to have married such a woman. A slight tilt of his head shook their respective partners out of his mind and Doug concentrated on driving his pleasure deep into Felicity. Then leaning forward, his hand snuck around her belly and between her legs, rubbing at her throbbing clit knowingly.

Felicity nearly screamed as Doug’s fingers sought that spot; pressing her cheek down on the coffee table, she panted and ground back into him. Humping wildly, the pair became frenzied in their shared passion; the sex was messy feeding their need for raw fervor. Felicity squeezed her eyes shut and dug her nails into the coffee table, leaving behind evidence of their desire in the form of a long scratch in the wood. Her body shook with violence as her orgasm knocked into her and she reached behind to grab Doug’s thigh and squeeze as it rocked her.

An animalistic grunt tore from Doug as he came, spewing a mess all over the coffee table and floor having pulled out of Felicity seconds earlier. In the spirit of their imaginary game, Doug slapped Felicity’s ass and chuckled; “Thanks honey!” Felicity rolled her eyes and, having caught her breath, fixed her clothes, collapsing on the couch and eyeing Doug’s mess with a smirk.

“I’m not cleaning that up, sweetheart.” Batting her eyes at Doug, Felicity grinned and leaned her chin on the palm of her hand, watching him get dressed.

“Don’t worry babe, I got it.” Doug, as Tom, winked at his faux wife and disappeared into the kitchen.

A moment to herself, Felicity tried not to get too introspective. This was different than Marcia – Bill knew about Marcia and had consented to it. He would never condone this; he would be shocked, disgusted and hurt. Most of all, he would be hurt. She jumped when Doug swatted at her feet in a move to get them off the table where he cleaned up his mess before sinking down beside her with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“I found this out back; I think the crew’s holding out on us.” His grin was unmistakably Doug and Felicity couldn’t pretend anymore. With a smile she accepted the glass of dark burgundy and clinked it with his; her acting had never played a more pivotal role.

...To Be Continued...

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