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Bill's Surprise: Finale - Desperate Housewives RPF
Bill's Surprise: Finale
Title: Bill's Surprise (I couldn't think of anything better)
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Pairings: Felicity Huffman/William H. Macy/Marcia Cross
Chapter: Finale
Rating: NC18
Warnings: Slash
Disclaimer: Bill's surprise isn't quite what Felicity bargained for.

With a groan, Felicity pulled herself up to sit on the bed, flexing her cold fingers and rolling her shoulders in an attempt to awaken her arms from their sleeping state. Abashedly, she looked up at her husband as he stalked closer to her; standing in front of her, ignoring Marcia on his left, he leaned over and shoved his hand between her legs.

Surprised, Felicity cried out softly and jumped back from him. With an unimpressed growl, Bill reached back and grabbed the nape of her neck; holding her in place as his rough fingers plowed into her. With a gasp, Felicity looked up into his face; his fingers felt so different from Marcia’s, rough and bigger but familiar and just as welcome as her female lovers’.

“You’re wet.” It was an obvious comment and Felicity groaned with the embarrassment of it, pressing her face against the soft hair of his arm as his fingers tickled at her dampness.

Marcia quietly moved towards where her coat hung, intending on leaving the couple their privacy. “No, stay here Marcia.” It sounded more like a demand than a request but when she looked over at Bill, he smiled softly and inclined his head, pulling his fingers from his wife. “I would like it, if you would stay.”

Silently, Marcia Cross nodded and clasped her hands in front of her waiting to see exactly what William Macy wanted from her. With a nod to the redhead, Bill looked back at his wife. She was a tear stained, cum soaked mess. “Do you love her?” He asked the question simply, without any underlying implications.

When Felicity found her voice, it was husky with disuse and trembling with emotion. She considered a long, drawn out explanation but she knew Bill so instead, she gave him the truth. “Yes.” After a moment, her eyes speaking volumes of what she didn’t say, she uttered softly; “I’m sorry.” Her love for Marcia didn’t override her love for her husband; it ran parallel to it on a completely different level.

Marcia watched with her heart in her throat, hearing Felicity’s answer she felt warmth spread throughout her core but she stayed where she was. There had never been any intention of tearing Felicity and William apart; she had acted on her desires but never with the end result being a divorce. Not being able to see Bill’s face and gauge his reaction, she felt anxious for Felicity. Would he never speak to her again? Would he slap her with a legal suit? Would he take the children?

Caressing his wife’s face, Bill turned to Marcia and put his arm around her waist; pressing a soft kiss to her cheek he murmured in her ear. “Bring her close to an orgasm for me, lovely. Just to the edge, please.” He dropped another tender kiss to Marcia’s shoulder and released her. William felt protective of the tall yet slight redhead; if Felicity was going to love someone else next to him, he couldn’t think of a better person for her to expend that sort of energy towards.

Marcia took in Bill’s request with humbling gratitude; she knew from the way he treated her that he respected her. She squeezed his hand affectionately as he moved away from her. Pulling at her gown, Marcia gracefully sank to her knees before Felicity and tenderly parted her blonde lover’s thighs. With a whisper of a kiss to the baby soft insides of Felicity’s thighs, Marcia inhaled deeply and smelled the ocean. And like waves that lap gently against the golden sand, the redhead’s tongue stroked Felicity’s core. Over and over she crashed against the surf of Felicity’s cunt; hungrily burrowing deeper into the wet wilderness and moaning with the pleasure of her feast.

Felicity spread her legs eagerly at Marcia’s insistence and her smouldering gaze met Bill’s as she slid down further on the bed, pressing herself against her lover’s swirling tongue. Leaning back on her handcuffed hands, Felicity tossed her head back and moaned achingly, her hips moving of their own volition. Then suddenly there was a mouth upon hers and yet Marcia hadn’t moved from between her legs.

Bill’s lips parted as he kissed his wife hungrily, swallowing her moans and claiming them for his own selfish pleasure. His hands sought out Felicity’s breasts and he caressed them, rolling her nipples between his fingertips as if he were playing one of his many instruments. His wife arched her back into his hands and her mouth kissed him back with a lusty passion as her hips rocked against Marcia’s mouth; her moans becoming more guttural and desperate.

Bill reached down and stroked Marcia’s hair, getting her attention and motioning for her to move a bit. Then he grabbed his wife, unlocking the handcuffs and pulling her down to the floor. “Don’t be so greedy now, dear.” His lips quirked with a bit of a grin as he laid her down on the floor and winked at Marcia.

The redhead nearly laughed as William placed his wife on the floor for her. Chewing on her lip, she glanced up at him then with a wink of her own, she swung her legs around Felicity and straddled the blonde’s head. The folds of her gown falling around to shroud Felicity in tangerined darkness; all she saw was Marcia’s lingeried cunt lowering to her mouth.

Felicity moaned in protest, wanting to taste all of Marcia without the lace in her mouth but Marcia grinned and purred back to her lover; “This isn’t about you, sweetheart. Work around the fabric and make sure I’m enjoying myself.” Amused, Bill chuckled and leaned against the wall with his scotch back in hand. Marcia grinned back at him then dove back towards Felicity’s thrusting hips, her mouth covering the blonde’s weeping slit.

Feeling Marcia’s mouth upon her again, Felicity Huffman nearly lost her mind as she grabbed the redhead’s hips and pulled her down onto her eager mouth; her tongue digging through the fabric to find her lover’s clit as she nibbled and licked wildly. Marcia let out a primal groan and rocked back onto Felicity’s face, grinding hard down onto her features. After a few moments, Marcia sat up and swiped at the sides of her mouth, suckling Felicity off of her fingers and rocking against the blonde’s tongue.

Her cunt aching from the emptiness, Felicity humped the air desperately, whimpering into Marcia’s thigh with a nuzzled please. Marcia looked up at William and he nodded; lithe as a feline, Marcia rocked back onto her heels and stood in one motion. Felicity blinked, her tongue sliding back into her mouth and she looked from husband to lover.

“Stand up, darling.” Reaching down, he helped a shaky Felicity to her feet. Nearly mad with desire, she pressed against him and bit at his bottom lip.

“You are being an awful tease William Macy.” She growled huskily.

“That’s what you get for not asking permission before you fuck your coworkers.” His eyes sparkled with amusement as he guided her to the bed. “Bend over.”

Felicity’s eyes widened at his command; she glanced at Marcia with a frown, not wanting to be placed in such a debasing position. “Bill. Please.

“Felicity, I am not finished with you yet. Now bend. Over.” Seeing the look on his face, Bill’s wife did just that; placing her hands on the mattress, she thrust her ass in his direction. Bill gathered the fabric of her ruined dress and pushed it out of the way, his hand smoothing over the lush curve of her ass and then with one swift swipe, he smacked his hand across her ass. Felicity jumped with an angry cry, her feet stumbling farther apart. Another slap across her ass had her face pressed to the comforter as she groaned with the humiliation of it.

Marcia stood, breathing hard, as she watched the husband and wife. Her thighs pressed together firmly beneath her dress in an attempt to quell the throbbing. One arm crossed over her torso, the other resting upon it as she chewed on a nail distractedly. Bill glanced at her and she nodded; they had discussed this at the beginning of the evening.

Suffocated in the blanket, Felicity dug her nails into the comforter and took whatever her husband gave. It wasn’t until she heard the subtle noise of a zipper that her eyes widened and she realized just what he was giving. Her head snapped up and with a hoarse cry she took his cock into her deeply. Shaking and dipping her head between her straining arms, Felicity moved back into him as he fucked her. When next she opened her eyes, she saw a flash of orange and then the creamy ivory of Marcia’s thighs and the lack of lace between them.

Marcia eased herself in front of Felicity and spread her legs, grabbing a handful of her lover’s hair and pulling her moaning mouth down. With a shuddered moan, Marcia sank back onto the bed as Felicity eagerly lapped at her clit.

Gazing at the two women writhing in front of him, Bill spurred forward; driving his cock harder into his wife. Raw fucking, that’s what he was doing to her and he relished how she gasped and tossed her head back as he dragged his nails down her back, leaving marks to match the ones left by Marcia on his wife’s chest.

Felicity’s mind could barely wrap itself around the situation as she buried her face deeper between the redhead’s thighs, her tongue fucking hurriedly; and she bucked back into her husband’s thrusts. One moment she was there and the next she was a million miles away, screaming her pleasure into Marcia’s core and riding Bill wildly. Her ecstasy flooded over her suddenly, taking away her breath and refusing to give it back. She shook and quaked for what seemed like hours, the pleasure unstoppable and exhausting. Finally, she was given air once more and she took only a moment to breathe before devouring Marcia with renewed fervor.

Marcia watched as Felicity’s orgasm tore through her, the redhead was taken away with it as it transferred to her, shaking her core and leaving her gasping for more. Holding Felicity’s head tightly, she rode her lover’s face with wild abandon, soaring higher on the tip of the blonde’s tongue and squeezing her eyes shut as she leapt from the cliff. Her fall was silent agony ending in a raptured bliss; she fell back on the bed, pulling Felicity’s mouth off of her and groaning as she tried to find her way back.

Listening as the women came, William could barely hold himself back but ever the gentleman, he waited for them to finish before allowing himself the pleasure of release. His thrusts rapid and strong, he sank in and out of Felicity before growling deeply and losing himself in his wife. His knees weakened with the ferocity of his orgasm; pulling out and zipping up, he sat on the bed as Felicity sank to her knees on the floor, leaning against his leg and still finding her breath.

After a few moments of silence, Felicity groaned softly and looked up at her husband; “That was some consequence Bill.” With a grin, she kissed his knee and wrapped her shredded dress around herself. She had made a joke but the severity of the truth began to set in, looking up she asked him a silent question.

Bill smiled and answered with a kiss, hauling her up from the floor and standing with his arms around her. “Next time, tell me.” His eyes sparkled as he cupped his wife’s face, taking a backwards glance at Marcia Bill smiled at the redhead who was straightening her dress and back to Felicity. “You and Marcia are lovely together and as long as you don’t foresee pulling a Thelma and Louise with her, leaving me in the dust, I don’t mind if you two see each other from time to time. Just tell me.” He paused to take in the astonished look on her face and with a soft chuckle, murmured to her; "Surprise."

Felicity was floored at the understanding and love this man held for her and she felt her heart throbbing with the adoration she held for him. Throwing her arms around him like a child on Christmas morning, she kissed him sweetly and snuggled her face into his neck. “William Macy, you never cease to amaze me.”

He laughed into her hair and grinned at Marcia; his next words had Felicity laughing into the crook of his neck; “I’ll take it you liked your surprise.”

Phew! Threesomes are tough work!

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